Thursday, March 25, 2010

VIDEO Pierce Brosnan: Robert Pattinson is very likeable

The “Remember Me” star, Robert Pattinson was fond of his co-star on the movie. Robert co-star Pierce Brosnan had praise him. Brosnan plays the role of Father to Robert on this movie. Knowing the former “James Bond” actor, Brosnan was of more familiar with his co-star attitude, he sure had so many co-stars whom he work with, and being appreciated by a man like him means you really had done good. Sure Robert was good in his acting that’s why he had his co-star thumbs up.

Brosnan tells “He has a very watchable, likeable intensity to him”. Guess that’s true, because I’ve also experienced that. When I watched Robert can’t take my eyes off him. He was so lovely to watch. The director of the movie, Allen Coulter also admits that he didn’t commit mistake by choosing Robert, he says “Robert was perfect for the part. He’s very romantic; you wanted someone that the audience could fall in love with”. I’m pretty much sure the crowd loves Robert; he can make much more interesting movies in the future because he’s good in his acts.
Robert still have so much movie in line


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