Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Robert Pattinson Talks “Bel Ami”

After the hit break of his movie “Twilight” and the “Twilight Saga: New Moon”, Robert Pattinson is now engaged to his new movie. He’s working on his “Bel Ami” at the present. This movie comes with different role for him compared to his previous movie. He’s been taking a different man to portray. As he mentioned, “There’s a lot of sex in Bel Ami”, makes the movie more exciting which is something to be waited for by all his fans.

With so many projects appeared, this “Twilight” stud been so lucky after the break of “Edward and Bella” tandem.

After visiting a show entitled “Today” on March 1, Robert has announced that he has another movie that he’s working on. The movie entitled “Remember me”, and he’s been promoting this movie this week. Would you suggest Robert can portray a role of action star in a movie too? Hmm. Sounds interesting huh!

Robert is taking a new level for his movie career. On hid “Bel Ami” movie, he talks about his relationships with so many different women.

Well, we can’t help but to wait for his another movie with Kristen Stewart. I just miss the picture of them together. Soon we’ll we be satisfied again by seeing them together in a movie.

Here’s a picture of Robert taken at New York, happily enraging with his fans.


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