Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alice in the Wonderland

I you’re into “Phoebe in Wonderland”, here’s another, the “Alice in Wonderland”. An enchanting movie which doesn’t only give you entertainment but can also widened your imagination. That’s how great nature was. If you think you’ve been to a place you can never imagine, here in the movie you will really experience a world in which you cannot imagine. Perhaps that’s why it’s called Wonderland, really portrays wonders.

In the story, Alice 19-year old (Wasikowska) experienced to be in the world of adventure with Red queen as the queen of terror. Find out how Alice comes up with her true destiny with the help of her old friends. Watch for the adventure of Alice, with the enchantment of the movie you’ll experience what kind of life is in magical world, and experience the thrill villain gives. Alice in the Wonderland was absolutely a movie that will make you explore your own capability to imagine. Dreams and Imaginations sometimes came true and came to life.

The movie was made by Tim Burton, he was also directed the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate factory”. Burton was fond of magical movies. He was the wildest and wildest imagination I’ve ever known.


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