Monday, December 1, 2008

Twilight Love


I watched Twilight with my hunny, ikay, eu and jet last Saturday night at greenbelt 3! And all i can say was I loved it! the story was soo great and amazing! It made me feel like some schoolgirl.

I wanna buy the book and read myself so i can compare the storyline to the movie, coz i guess the book was more detailed and exciting! but then again, the movie was really good! I think that its one of the best love story ive ever seen! Anyway, none of us who read the book yet so we all had an unbiased opinion of the movie. A lot of people said that it wasn't really all that, but we liked it! Liked it lots!

I think Rob Pattinson looks better as Edward Cullen than Cedric Diggory. He looks so cute with Bella too! Well, Edward and Bella as a couple looks cute. I wanna watch it again!!

If you give Twilight a shot, you shouldn't be disappointed.

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